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Registration number: the first two numbers indicate the year in which the physician was first registered
(SP) Denotes Special License
(CL) Denotes Courtesy License
(BA) Denotes Border Area License
* Denotes Principal Area of Practice based on training and experience.

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Anaesthesia (Ana)
Anatomical Pathology (APa)
Cardiac Surgery  (CaS)
Cardiology (Car)
Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery (CTS)
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (CPs)
Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ClI)
Clinician Investigator Program (CIP)
Colorectal Surgery (CoS)
Community Medicine (CoM)
Critical Care Medicine (CCM)
Cytopathology (CPa)
Dermatology (Der)
Developmental Pediatrics (DPe)
Diagnostic Radiology (Dra)
Emergency Medicine (EmM)
Endocrinology and Metabolism (EnM)
Family Physicians  
FP-Anaesthesia (CFP-FPA)
FP-Care of Elderly (CFP-COE)
FP-Emergency Medicine (CFP‑EM)
FP-Palliative Care (CFP‑PC)
FP-Sports and Exercise Medicine (CFP-SEM)
Forensic Pathology (FPa)
Forensic Psychiatry (FPs)
Gasteroentorology (GEn)
General Internal Medicine (GIM)
General Pathology (GPa)
Geriatric Psychiatry (GPs)
General Surgery (GeS)
Geriatric Medicine (GeM)
General Surgical Oncology (GSO)
Gynecologic Oncology (GyO)
Gynecologic Repro Endo & Infertility (GRI)
Haematological Pathology (HPa)
Hematology (Hem)
Hepatology (Hep)
Infectious Diseases (InD)
Internal Medicine (InM)
Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM)
Medical Biochemistry (MBi)
Medical Genetics (MGe)
Medical Microbiology (MMi)
Medical Oncology (MOn)
Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine (NPM)
Nephrology (Nep)
Neurology (Neu)
Neuropathology (NPa)
Neuroradiology (NRa)
Neurosurgery (NeS)
Nuclear Medicine (NuM)
Obstetrics and Gynecology (ObG)
Occupational Medicine (OcM)
Ophthalmology (Oph)
Orthopedic Surgery (OrS)
Otolaryngology (ENT)
Paediatric Cardiology (PCa)
Palliative Medicine (PaM)
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology (PHO)
Pediatric Radiology (PRa)
Pediatrics (Ped)
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PhM)
Plastic Surgery (PlS)
Psychiatry (Psy)
Public Health and preventative Medicine (PHPM)
Radiation Oncology (RaO)
Respiratory Medicine (ReM)
Rheumatology (Rhe)
Thoracic Surgery (ThS)
Transfusion Medicine (TrM)
Urology (Uro)
Vascular Surgery (VaS)
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